Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is your service area?

We work mostly in Bellingham and its surrounding areas.

What is the process?

It all starts with a phone call or email. We set up a time to meet and work out a design for your property. You bring your ideas and we can give you ours. From there we will provide you with an estimate. We sell you the lights and they are yours to keep. We schedule a day to hang your lights with a guaranteed professional finish.

You enjoy the lights over the holidays and when you are ready we will come back and take them down and package them up so they are organized and ready for the next season. When the next season rolls around we’ll give you a call. One less thing to think about!

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes. 100%. Our success depends on your satisfaction, and we’ll make changes if you desire them. We are interested in building long-lasting customer relationships, and will gladly provide references per your request. There are things that can happen to lights for a variety of reasons, including wind, rain, and other unforeseen circumstances. If this occurs, our professional staff will return to troubleshoot whatever problem exists quickly and efficiently.

How much does your service cost?

There is no “set” answer to this question. The cost of our service depends on several things, including the number of light strings you’d like to hang, the size of the display you want built and how long it will take us to put your display together. Generally, our prices range from as little as $210 to as high as several thousand dollars for large residential or commercial displays.

How do you price your projects?

If you contact us, we will come out to your home or place of business and consult with you on what type of display you desire. Based upon what you’d like done, we’ll put a quote together for you. An important fact to remember is that we’ll work within any budget, as our success is based partially on our service-oriented flexibility. If the cost is acceptable, we’ll schedule a time to take care of the work.

Do you take the holiday lights down at the end of the season?

Yes. Taking down the displays is part of our service, and it’s included in the quote we provide for you before we start work. We begin taking lights down early January and continue to do so through the third week of January. We also organize your supplies in bins so that you can easily access them the following year.

Do you provide lights and supplies, or will you hang and use mine?

We can do either. If we are going to use your lights and supplies, we ask that you have enough to complete the job and that the strands are not tangled when we arrive to put your display together. If you don’t have lights, or don’t have enough, we have a full inventory for you to peruse and will work with your choice. The same goes for supplies. We’ll work with your existing extension cords, etc., but will happily provide ours if you need them.

However, due to the inability to guarantee your lights, any repair or service calls outside the scope of the hanging and take down, will have an additional charge. With the purchase of our lights, service and repairs calls are free.