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Your Complete Holiday Light Hanging Solution

Festive Holiday Lighting offers:

• Holiday light design ideas
• Commercial quality LED holiday lights
• Professional holiday light hanging
• Quick and easy removal of holiday lights
• Neat and tidy packing of holiday lights
• Service to Bellingham and the surrounding areas


With so many colors, sizes and styles to choose from, the options for your Christmas display are endless. We will assist you in selecting the products and accessories that will bring your holiday vision to life.  We only carry the best commercial grade products available and back it with a 2-3 year warranty.


Our team of professionall lights hangers will safely install your lights. We hide all cords and cut to fit most of the lights we offer so you have a precise fit to your home.  Once the lights are up we will set everything on a timer so you have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy your holiday lights.  We are licensed and insured.


If lights over the course of the year come loose or go out (due to wind, snow, trees, etc) we will come out get the issue fixed.


The best part of the package, many have said, is the take-down. It’s the end of the year, the excitement is over, it’s cold and rainy and the last thing you want to do is take down your lights. We come and do it for you! We organize your lights and package them up neat and tidy in a container to store over the year.

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