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    Lighting up Whatcom County Since 2008

We stock a large inventory of supplies.  We only carry the best commercial quality equipment to insure your lights stay on and look great year after year.  You cannot get this quality from the local box stores.  If we don't stock a item you are looking for we can probably get it.  Unless it is the end of November.  We stand behind what we sell. 

C-9 LED light bulb commercial
C-9 bulbs and String

The same look of a classic C9 bulb now brighter and better.  Create a captivating holiday light display with brilliant LED bulbs! Energy efficient LED bulbs and our highly durable stringers combine to create a long lasting, weather resistant lighting design that provides professional display for years! Our bulbs emit superior, vibrant light while maintaining the unbreakable, energy efficient benefits you want. 


Warranty:  These lights come with a 3 year warranty.  Anything happens during that 3 years we come out and replace/fix the lights for free.  These lights must be set on a timer and be up for a maximum of 3 months each season.  After 3 years we offer discounts on replacing the entire set of bulbs.  String will normally not need replacement. 

5mm christmas lights
Mini Lights

The 5mm LED is smaller than your traditional mini light yet its concave lens provides superior brightness and disperses light uniformly in all directions. Our warm white color is specifically designed to closely match clear incandescent lighting, radiating soft elegant light for holidays. These are the lights you want for wrapping outdoor trees, wreaths and garland as well as outlining windows and doors.  Many other styles of mini lights are available as well but the 5mm style we keep fully stocked in various color options. 

2 year warranty on all mini lights.

holiday lighting display

High-end, commercail quality greenery which includes wreaths contructed on a sturdy frame that will not bend or crack.  The tips are constructed from UV-resistant pvc with realistic color, which gives many years of use.  Wreaths come pre-lit with warm white led bulbs or unlit.  Sizes range from

36" - 72". 

christmas light timer

Timers are important part of the longevity of your lights.  Relying on yourself to turn the lights on and off typically means the lights stay on for many unnecesary hours resulting in the lights not lasting as long.  We have basic mechanical timers that are simple and effective as well as smart timers you can set up to control using your phone. 

Other Decorations


We have access to many more types of holiday decor but don't stock everything.  We can typically get many different options within a couple days.  If you have a particular item you would like to add to your display just ask and we will figure out how to make it happen.

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