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How much does it cost?


There are many things that effect cost such as roof pitch, accessability, etc. The average cost for the first years install of C-9 lights along the gutter and roofline peaks is $6.50/ft.  This includes all supplies and Labor (install/removal).  The first year you have the material cost and the labor.  For ongoing years you only pay the labor cost as you now own the lights.  Additional accent lighting around windows and trees we would need to see the house.  Minimum cost is $300.

When do you Install / Remove?

We start hanging in Late October and typically end just after Thanksgiving.  We start takedown around Jan 4th through January 31st.  We do have a few customers that like to keep them up past January and that is a option as well.

What if a light goes out?

If you have any issues with lights out or the wind knocking them down.  Just give us a call and we will come out and get it fixed.  If your lights are under warranty or the issue was installation related there will be no charge.  If the lights are out of warranty there will be a $60/hr charge.  

Do I need to call for setup every year?

No.  At the beginning of every season we will contact you with a install date.  You simply reply yes if works for you and you are all set.   Reply with a no if you want a different day or if you do not want your lights put up that year.  You simply leave the tote out on your porch that day and we will be by to install the lights.  We do the same with take down.  We will email you and you just need to reply with a yes or no.

What is the warranty?


Screw in style C-9 bulbs have a 3 year warranty.  We offer bulb replacement discounts after 3 years.  The nature of led is that they will get dimmer with each hour of use.  After about 5 years of normal use they start to get dim enough to start noticing.  Many people replace light bulbs between the 5-7 year mark.  Bulb stringers with last for many years longer than the bulbs. 


All other products come with a 2 year warranty. 


To get the most life out of your lights the most important thing is making sure they are stored dry.  We often take them down and they are wet.  Leaving the lid off until completely dry is very important.  The other factor of life span is weather they are out in the rain all year or protected from the elements.  Lights around a window protected from the elements will last much longer than same lights wrapped in a tree out in the rain for instance. 

What happens when the warranty is up?


When the warranty is up we will still come out and keep things going.  If it is a install related issue there is no charge.  If something has failed and needs to be replaced we will do it for the price of the product being replaced plus a basic service charge of $60/hr ($60 minimum).  Most fixes take less than 1 hr.  Under warranty everything is covered 100%.

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